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Our annual Awards Banquet is January 7, 2017 at the Executive Court in Manchester! Don't miss it! A great time to be had by all! Banquet form is in the awards booklet link below.

Year End Awards List & Banquet Form

New to 2016 SHRC will be offering a Ranch Horse Division

Download Rules Information

Details to come soon, still being finalized. There are some changes to the class list so please be aware. New class list will be posted mid-late March Finalizing at next meeting. Go to Show Season Page for Downloads.

Due to lack of entries YA 13 and Under and YA 14-17 Divisions, they will now be combined into one division of 17 and under it will still be split English and Western.

Stakes classes - Enter for all 6 shows by or on the first show and pay $125, pay per show and pay the regular fee of $25 per class.  SAVINGS OF $25.

*NEW and FUN

SHRC will be holding a beach ride!!

October 8th with a rain date of October 22nd.  The fee will be $25 if registered by October 1st and $35 if after.  Lunch will be provided and will be based on those who pre-enter.

2016 Show Season Dates

September 11

Trail Patterns Class 65, 66, 67, GRN

Trail Patterns Class 68, 69, 70, 71

Ranch Horse Pattern

Adult Showmanship

Youth 17 & Under Showmanship

Walk-Trot 12 & Under Showmanship

Novice 13 & Over Showmanship


Super Horse Class Qualifications:

ALL CLASSES TO COUNT TOWARDS SUPERHORSE.  ANY RIDER MAY RIDE THE HORSE FOR THE POINTS TO COUNT(ALL EXHIBITORS MUST BE MEMBERS FOR POINTS TO COUNT ) NEW THIS YEAR: SHOWMANSHIP AND EQUITATION TO COUNT TOWARDS SUPERHORSE.  Also, there is a new form (available below) to be eligible for Super Horse.  Must fill out form and pay $10 fee for points to count.  Points will start adding up as soon as form and dues are paid.




ADULT ENGLISH CLASSES - 2*, 14, 35, 69*
ADULT WESTERN CLASSES - 2*, 18, 31, 69*
YA ENG 17 AND UNDER - 46*, 60, 63, 68*
YA WESTERN 17 & UNDER - 46*, 56, 57, 68*
LEADLINE 8 & UNDER CLASSES - 51, 52, 53, 65
WALK-TROT ENGLISH 12 & UNDER CLASSES - 45*, 58, 59, 66*
WALK-TROT WESTERN 12 & UNDER CLASSES - 45*, 54, 55, 66*
NOVICE W/T ENGLISH 13 & OVER CLASSES - 47*,9, 10, 67*
RANCH HORSE - 8, 24, 25, 70

(In the event of a tie, the placing in Equitation or Pleasure Driving will be used to break the tie)

*NOTE: If you are competing for a division, you must show trail and showmanship in the respective attire for that division.*

Example: Exhibitor #19 shows class #2: Adult showmanship, Open, in English attire, the showmanship class will count towards the English division. Same goes for trail.

Please be sure to plan your classes for how you would like to earn points towards that division. If you show showmanship in WESTERN ATTIRE, it WILL NOT count towards the English division.

Super Horse Class Qualifications:
All classes, with the exception of: EQUITATION CLASSES, to count towards Superhorse. Any rider may ride the horse for the points to count.


Attention All SHRC Exhibitors!

Please note, to show at an SHRC show you MUST have an original or copy of the horse/pony you are showing’s negative Coggins results.  With out a copy of these results you will not be allowed to show.

To show in a class requiring registration, an original or copy of those papers must be shown to the show secretary to qualify for that class.

Please feel free to mail copies of Coggins and/or Registration and age verification with your pre-entries to make it easier the day of the show.  These will be kept on file for the remainder of the show season. 

Club Forms & Intent to Show

Any form that needs to be filled out for other club/registry awards (i.e. PAC, Open Show Circuit awards, SHRC Intent to Show forms, etc.), you may drop them off at the show booth. Please make sure the top information is filled out along with classes shown in. Please DO NOT fill in the placing or number in class, that needs to be verified by the show manager/point secretary. A self addressed stamped envelope must be included to where they need to be mailed. Forms will not be verified at the show but will be done ASAP to make sure deadlines are met.

Silver Heels Riding Club, Inc. (S.H.R.C.) manages and runs a series of 6 Open Horse shows per year. 78 classes and 12 END OF THE DAY DIVISIONS are features at all six shows. Members, and of course non-members, are welcomed to participate in the show series.

The club is run by 4 officers and 7 Board of Director members who are purely volunteer. The purpose of the club is to promote and support an interest in horses, horsemanship and sportsmanship with a high standard of humane and ethical treatment of horses at all times. Educating youth by example is also our primary function. Our club prides itself in being family orientated.

SHRC was established in 1957 by a group of people from Maine, some of the original members still attend an occasional show.

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To All Paint-Pinto Exhibitors!  Have a Solid Bred Paint?  Wondering if you are eligible to compete in our Paint-Pinto division?  With proof of registration through APHA or PtHA, you are more than welcome to compete in this division


Silver Heels Riding Club has been approved by both the American Paint Horse Association (APHA) as a participating club in the PAC Program (Paint Alternative Competition) and the American Pinto Horse Association(APtHA) as a participating club for the OPAC(Open Competition Activities Program for Pinto Horses).

All shows are approved and persons wishing to participate must obtain their own PAC forms from APHA, as well as OPAC from APtHA and  have them signed by SHRC Show Secretary before submitting to APHA or APtHA for credit.


For more information about this program please visit the APHA or APtHA website at



Silver Heels Riding Club also offers Year End Awards sponsored from several Local & Regional Horse Clubs such as New England Paint Horse Club & Granite State Appaloosa Association. Get more information about these awards on the Show Season Page.



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